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The first step in working with us is to call or email our office to set up a complimentary initial meeting. Whether it’s at our office in downtown Holland, at your local coffee shop, or even at your home, we want to make the initial meeting with us as simple and easy as possible. This meeting is a great way for us, and for you, to gauge whether we would be a good fit as partners in planning your financial future.

Let’s talk goals and objectives

During our initial meeting, our main goal is to understand what you want to achieve. Whether that’s saving for early retirement or figuring out a more sustainable way to invest, we will work with you to help find a way to achieve every goal you set.

Asset evaluation

After our in-person meeting, we will begin working on an evaluation of your current financial standing by reviewing things like your current assets, personal property, insurance, and taxes. We ask to review things like this so that we can get the full picture of where you currently stand and what it will take for you to reach your goals. This is also when we will review our rates so you’re clear on the costs associated with our services.

Crafting the right plan for you

After we’ve evaluated your current financial standing, we will create a custom financial plan that organizes your current assets and makes recommendations of what else you could be doing to help yourself in the future. 

Approval and implementation

When the first draft of a financial plan is ready for you to review, we will have another meeting together to go over it. If you feel that the plan should be adjusted, we will fine-tune it until you are comfortable with every aspect. When we receive your approval, we will then take the necessary steps to implement that plan, working directly with professionals like your attorney, accountant, and insurance provider.

Plan maintenance and beyond

After the plan is in place, we are proactive in staying in touch with you to review any life changes that may affect the current plan. Our advisors will stay on top of your portfolio and do the day-to-day work of managing it.

Our definition of investment management means more than handling your investment portfolio. We take your individual life events into consideration as we walk alongside you to reach your goals.

We will help you understand  your current and future risk. Then, we will help tailor an insurance plan specifically for you.

It’s never too early to start planning for the future. We will help you create a definitive plan for managing your assets, distributing your estate after your death, and crafting a clear plan to pass on your legacy.

We regularly communicate and coordinate with other professionals such as certified public accountants, estate planning attorneys, legal advisors, bankers, real estate professionals, and risk advisors.

We make sure your legal documents such as wills, power of attorney, or trusts are up to date and complete. If you do not have any of these legal documents in place, we will coordinate them for you.

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