Our Services

Management, Organization, Coordination, Planning.

What We Do

We provide our clients with professional investment management services using individual stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and deferred investment products. Our management team is comprised of individuals with a strong securities background and education. The investment committee meets regularly to discuss events in the market, review compiled research, and plan for future market moves. We believe that following this process brings well rounded results.

Lorence & Vander Zwart recommends the review and analysis of risks associated with the successful continuation of our client financial plans. This often includes the recommendation and analysis of insurance products, including life, disability, and long-term care. As part of ongoing maintenance and review, we provide appropriate alternatives in accordance with your financial plan.

Lorence & Vander Zwart believes that coordination with the other professionals who serve our clients is paramount to the success of client financial plans. This may include regular communication with the following:

  • Certified public accountant or accountant
  • Estate planning attorney or legal advisor
  • Bankers/brokers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Insurance/risk advisors

Lorence & Vander Zwart works with many of our clients to provide sophisticated legacy planning. This can often include the funding of specialized trusts through coordinated efforts with the client’s legal advisors. Legacy planning can also be accomplished through specific gifting of highly appreciated investments. The establishment of Donor Advised Funds can significantly reduce capital gains tax while accomplishing the funding of the client’s favorite charitable organization.